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Hi there!

I'm Julia!
And I'm glad to see you on my page.

Let me tell you more about myself,

As a professional and creative photographer, I'm in love with photography since childhood.

Traveled a lot and always wanted capture different people and lifestyle.

For now my specialty in Wedding/Engagement/Events, also in love with Family photoshoots, Portraits and Sport. For each photo session, I look for some special story and try to preserve your most sincere emotions. I find quick contact with people, with children.

I'm a Fencing World Champion and after my career I'm enjoyed shooting different sports, covered several tournaments. I love to catch emotions and great moments and I know how important to have memory as photos/videos of each event.

I will tell you how to feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy shooting, even you didn't it before. 

Based in Los Angeles area and travel Worldwide.


Let me know what photoshoot do you want and I''ll capture it for you!


Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Julia Khakimova

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