• 1 hour individual photo session
• 40 edited and author retouched pics 

• All other photos in color correction, jpg

• First photos next day
• up to 2 weeks editing time
• Pre-photoshoot consultation
• Posing direction during the session

• transfer of photos through a file hosting service without loss of quality




• 1 hour coverage session (family, event)
• 45 edited and retouched pics 

• All other good images in color correction, jpg

• First photos next day
• up 1-2 weeks editing time
• Pre-photoshoot consultation, help to choose location and time

• Always help to feel great, positive and easy to pose
• Posing direction during the session/prepare individual moodboard for each photoshoot

• transfer all of photos through  beautiful online gallery/ easy to download and share the link



Choose your package


Every wedding is unique, choose the package that suits you but if you did not find a package that meets your needs, feel free to contact me for a special quote! I'd love to hear your ideas and I will be happy to capture all moments of your Dream Day! 



1. BRONZE -$1,200

- 3 Hours
-Photos ready within 2-3 weeks
- 70 Advanced Photo Retouches ($10 per additional)
- All other high-quality photos in color correction 
-Photos available online for 3 month

Express Editing: first edits will be in your inbox in 48 hours
This package would be a good fit for budget wedding photography, for a smaller wedding, or for simply capturing a short ceremony, some portraits, and a little bit of the reception. 


2. SILVER $2,250


This is a good option for most couples who want a wedding photographer in Los Angeles for a mid-range wedding. 

(Most Popular!)

-up to 8 Hours
- first photos available within 48 hours in your gallery
-1 Photographer
-Get your photos in 1-2 weeks
-125 Advanced Photo Retouches ($8 per additional)
- All other 
high-quality photos in color correction 
-Complimentary Engagement Photoshoot
-Photos available online for 6 months


3. GOLD $3,100

-10- 12 hours

- 1 photographer

-Flexible wedding day hours
-First photos ready within 24 hours in your gallery
- Get your photos in 1-2 weeks
-150 Advanced Photo Retouches
- All other high-quality photos in color correction 
-Complimentary Engagement Photoshoot
-Photos available online for 12 months
Complimentary Shot List
Wedding Album Print & Design Included (20 pages)
Photos available online for 6 months



These are examples of what I charge for wedding photography in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that I do custom quotes quite a bit, so if you’re looking for affordable wedding photo packages or something special, just let me know what you’re looking for! 












1. Choose a package for your photoshoot

2. Prepayment requires $100 to reserve your day/time for you (Venmo/Zelle/Paypal),

for weddings $150 prepayment is required

2. Click "Book" and I will contact you or contact me by my email:

3. Get pre-photoshoot consultation(after we book the day)

4. Get your edited photos for 1-2 weeks through your online gallery.

6. Submit the rest of your payment after the photoshoot

7. Helping with pose and feeling comfortable. 

Let's create something special for you!


 Additional info: 

- retouching additional photos - $10(per photo) 

- print professional photo albums start from $225 

- confidentiality: if you want to shoot in full or partial confidentiality, please inform me in advance, there is no additional payment for confidentiality, but if you have not informed about the intention of confidentiality before shooting, I reserve the right to publish photos

- makeup and styling are paid additionally. Make-up is necessary for professional studio photography, styling is less fundamental - at your discretion.

Let me know and I can advise great make-up artist

- rent  photo studio paid additionally

Our prices




3 hours coverage



8 hours coverage



up to 12 hours coverage